Revel in the Moment: Find the Dress You Will Remember Forever

Feb 15, 2022 at 04:24 pm by RMGadmin

Adorn is a bridal shop that strives to offer a truly bespoke and memorable experience for each and every bride. We know that finding your dream dress isn’t always easy and can sometimes feel discouraging. Our philosophy is simple: empowered brides are the best brides. This is your day. You should feel special and supported. 

Our goal is to create a moment of pure joy when you try on your wedding dress. We want you to step up to the pedestal, look in the mirror and think — wow! You’re gorgeous, you’re glowing and you’re a bride! 

That’s why we take the time to get to know you before you even enter our salon. We want to understand what you’re hoping to look and feel like on your wedding day so your expert stylist can pull the perfect dresses for you. We are here to make finding the dress you love effortless. 

After the pandemic it’s harder to quickly purchase all sorts of things, from cars to cream cheese. It’s more difficult to purchase a designer wedding dress on a short timeline as well. That’s why it’s important that brides start shopping and decide on their wedding dress nine to twelve months before their wedding date.  

Most designer wedding dresses are made by hand for that individual bride upon purchase. This process can take up to six to nine months, especially when there are supply-chain constraints. In addition, alterations can take one to three months. Our advice to brides: if you are less than a year before your wedding date, you need to shop for your dress. 

STEP 1. 


Tell us about you, your dreams, and your aspirations 

STEP 2. 


Try on your hand-selected designer gowns, curated to your unique and individual style. 

STEP 3. 


Choose the dress that makes you look and feel beautiful! 

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