Smart Planning Before Saying "I Do"

Feb 15, 2022 at 03:45 pm by RMGadmin

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It’s important in today’s world  to plan for all possibilities BEFORE you walk down the aisle. It is also a great idea, with thoughts of happily ever after in your head, to go ahead and take care of all the business of merging your life with another, pre-wedding day.  

What is a Prenup?

A prenup is a written contract where soon-to-be-married couples state their rights and responsibilities regarding premarital and marital assets and debts in the event that the two parties get divorced. A prenup is not a bad thing to consider and does not mean you will end in divorce. If anything, it helps couples communicate their finances, any accrued debt, general attitude about money, and overall spending and saving habits before the wedding. 

Who Should Consider a Prenup? 

If one party is wealthier than the other. If any debt is present for one party. Another reason to consider is if one or both parties already have children. A prenup will help protect the financial interests of the children.

When Should The Prenup Process Begin?

The prenup process is different for each couple, but starting it as soon as possible is ideal. Finalizing the prenup agreement thirty days before the wedding is recommended to reduce any stress or tensions. Like anything that involves attorney practice, prenups take time to ensure everything is correct. 

Other Things To Do Pre-Wedding:

• Get marriage license and make copies
• Update name on Social Security card
• Update driver’s license with new name
• Update passport and travel documents
• Update last name on any credit cards
• Update rent/mortgage/utility documents
• Update any auto-pay accounts
• Change last name on all bank accounts

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