Fur Ever in Love: How to Make Your Pets a Part of Your Wedding

Feb 15, 2022 at 02:25 pm by RMGadmin

By Megan Zinger

Our pets are a vital part of our everyday routine and are considered a part of the family. They are there for you during the good, the bad and the ugly. So why not make it a point to include or, at the very least, acknowledge them during your wedding? Of course, there are ways for more or less involvement with your animal(s) at your wedding, depending on the venue’s guidelines. 

First Look

The concept of first looks has become increasingly popular over the past couple of years. Typically, first look photos are done with the groom and father of the bride. So, why not do a first look session with your pup? It brings a whole new dynamic to your wedding photos and showcases the special bond between owner and dog.

Cake Accents

Including your dog or cat in the wedding cake is a subtle acknowledgment to your furry friend without them being there. You can get a personalized cake topper of your furry friend that fits your design preferences, whether that be a trail of pawprints on the side of the cake, a cat figurine peeking around the corner of the cake or the bride and groom figurines holding their pup. You can even make it look like the pet figurine has taken a bite out of the cake!

Ring Bearer

Use your male pup instead of the typical child or baby as the ring bearer! Plus, any excuse to dress up your male dog in a fancy bowtie or dog tux is a must. Make sure to strap down the rings and keep them in a safe container to avoid falling loose while the dog is walking down the aisle. It is best to have your pup on a leash for this, so there is no running off from surrounding distractions.

Flower Pup

Similar to the ring bearer concept, having your girl pup act as the flower girl instead of a child would be the cutest! You can dress your dog up in flower attire and, if cooperative, the dog can hold a little basket with flower petals in it. Again, it may be advised to keep your pet on a leash while they walk down the aisle. 

Standing At The Altar

Along with the bridesmaids and groomsmen, have your furry friend stand next to you and your spouse as “Dog of Honor” during the ceremony. It is a simple yet meaningful way to include your dog during the wedding. 

Wedding Theme

If your pup can’t attend the wedding in person, there are subtle ways to acknowledge them through decorations. For example, you could do dog-inspired place cards to set on all the tables for the guests. If alcohol is being served, you can do a signature drink inspired by your dog. Along with the desserts at the wedding, you could hand out custom cookies with your pet’s face on them for an adorable treat.