Jill Sholar + Stormy Mitchell

Feb 17, 2020 at 11:12 am by AnnaAdmin


Photography // Sandra Kiger

Ceremony // Church at West Franklin

Hair // Allison Merryman



Jill Sholar and Stormy Mitchell celebrated their wedding on October 20, 2019 at the Church at West Franklin. They chose their autumn wedding date because it was the date available for most of their, now, altogether, seven children and seven grandchildren, to attend. Because they chose to have their wedding be a celebration worship of praise to their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, they wanted the ceremony to take place at the end of the church’s traditional worship service.



Jill and Stormy chose not to have decorations or special floral arrangements. They also chose to not have any special music, other than the church music played during the service and then the hymn "Doxology" sung by the congregation and led by Jill’s father, a semi-retired Minister of Music from Kentucky. Jill’s close personal friend and professional photographer, Sandra Kiger, took their wedding pictures as a special gift to the newlywed couple. They enjoyed this most relaxed and beautiful time with family and friends, before and after their exchange of sacred covenant vows.


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